Day: 18 November 2019

Andrew Griffith calls upon Liberal Democrats to retract false claims

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Arundel & South Downs, Andrew Griffith, has called upon the local Lib Dems to retract an election leaflet containing false data. In an echo of a similar scandal in other constituencies, local Lib Dems have distributed a leaflet to local voters claiming to have carried out ‘recent polling’ which shows them in second place behind the Conservatives.   In fact, the data is a discredited projection and no local polling has taken place. The company making the projection, Survation, makes clear that it uses only national data and should not be used for this purpose but that has not stopped the Lib Dems trying to mislead voters.   In fact, at the last general election in 2017, the Lib Dem candidate in Arundel & South Downs came a very distant third with less than 8% of the votes cast and well behind Labour on nearly 23%.   Andrew Griffith, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Arundel & South Downs, said:   “It’s no wonder trust in politics is at an all-time low when we see this sort of behaviour. I call upon the Lib Dem candidate to apologise for trying to mislead voters and to undertake not to distribute further or to repeat these false claims.”