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With all the focus on national politics, and in particular the dominating coverage of Brexit, the important work that our locally-elected Conservative councillors do can often be overshadowed. Here in West Sussex we are very fortunate that we have well-run Conservative-led councils, both at County and District level. On the 2nd of May, we will be contesting District Council elections in your local area and we need to ensure that your local District Council remains Conservative so that we can continue working hard for you. We can’t allow national issues such as Brexit to distract us from the fact that we need to work together and support our local candidates as we always do. We need to raise £10,000 to cover the costs of printing leaflets and, unlike the Labour Party who are funded by the Trade Unions, we rely on donations from our members and supporters. I understand that some supporters might find it difficult to donate to the Party at a time when contentious national issues dominate our thoughts, but we should never underestimate the effect on us locally should we lose control of our local council. We really can’t risk it. So, if you feel able, please contribute to our Fighting Fund using the donation button below and help us keep your local services run by the Conservatives.
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